About us

Mr. Carlson

All, small and large, know Carlson from the book of pictures and cartoons. He lives in every child heart, because like all kids he likes to kind of pleasure, play, romp and feel happy! The greatest, that Carlson can touch you and give a cuddle, hug! Sometimes they are invisible, but always feel close to him. Carlson appears in our nursery during the holidays, and then begins the most interesting and exciting thing called fun. Carlson always comes for kids back again and again, and again!


Why choose us?


Kids are accepted from year 1;

Education in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages;

The cost of education to include music, sports, art and English classes by leading experts in their fields;

Kindergartens are in private homes with safe, private yard.

 Non-profit organization “Vaikų ateitis”

Non-profit organization “Vaikų ateitis” has been running for 17 years. Since the establishment of the company all the activities were focused on education, children’s education. For almost two years are a private pre-school institution – Mr. Carlson kindergarten.


VŠĮ “Vaikų ateitis”
Adress: Purienų g. 8, Vilnius
Company code: 124865437
Bank account: LT47 7044 0600 0136 4430 (SEB)