“Carlson and kids“ – a modern, private, multicultural chain of kindergartens in Vilnius.

We are an innovative, creative community, learning constantly to frame a happy childhood and appreciating a child’s sense of wellbeing.

Our primary goal

To help a child form the sense of self-sufficiency, habits of healthy living, positive communication with adults and peers, comprehension of the surrounding environment, creativity and the ABC of the capacity to learn. All the process is of the utmost importance to us while achieving this goal.

Our values

Mastership, responsibility, reliability, quality education, creativity and self-expression, tolerance, collaboration, constant learning.

We follow the conception of modern childhood. Our educators pursue contextual education exploring the multidimentional context of the child. We consider the childhood to be an immeasurably important beginning of life-long self-education.

Process and goal both are of equal importance.


Responsible education of children revealing their potential through experience and cognizance.


A modern effectively operating preschool institution, open to educational changes, taking full responsibility for the implementation of the goals of education of early age and preschool children.

Why us?


  • We appreciate childhood as a unique self-contained virtue;
  • Here trough courageous experiments children discover the world themselves and develop their potential;
  • We welcome children from the age of 10 months;
  • We implement programs of early and preschool education;
  • We cooperate with foreign partners;
  • Fee for the lessons of sports, music, arts, foreign languages (Russian and English) is included in the price of education;
  • We are active participants of various educational projects;
  • Nutrition is versatile and well balanced;
  • We use Kindervibe application that enables comfortable and modern communication and collaboration with parents.


Additional activities

Additional activities