We educate children following the ideas of humanistic pedagogics.

Constant dialogue with a child is the basis for everything. During the process of education we strictly observe principles of mutual understanding, trust, patience, love and free choice.


Development of emotional intellect

We develop five areas of emotional intellect: self-concept (understanding one’s feelings), self – regulation (ability to control emotions), motivation (making use of one’s hobbies), empathy (“stepping into other person’s shoes”), social skills (appropriate communication).

Development of social competence

We enhance the skills of benevolent constructive collaboration and communication with friends. We develop the children’s ability to control emotions, behavior to mind themselves and others, to foster goodness.

Developing the competence of knowledge

It is researching, processing information – senses, thinking, imagination. Methods of experiment, creative tasks, searching for information are used.

Developing the competence of communication

It is understanding the language and speaking. We strengthen the ability to concentrate, to listen and hear a friend, educator; to learn self-expression. We learn foreign languages through games and surrounding environment.

Means and methods of education:


It is the best method to develop the emotional intellect of a child. Education is implemented insensibly. A child is given a possibility to choose an interesting and meaningful occupation.


Children are encouraged to speak, answer questions, describe their activities and feelings.


Created environment and various methods attracting children’s attention encourage children to act: to carry out experiments, make discoveries, find various methods of discovering the world.


Created conditions allow a child to observe and understand the surrounding world, to feel the bonds and unity among people, objects and phenomena.


A children’s self-expression is encouraged, we help them open their potential, ,,run” from restrictions of reality, to role play various situations.

Critical thinking

Children are taught to select, sort out objects according to one or more features, to come to agreement with others, to make right decisions.

Vaikų ugdymas Darželyje Vilniuje
Vaikų ugdymas Darželyje Vilniuje

Papildomas ugdymas

Vaikučiai be kasdienių veiklų papildomai nemokamai lanko muzikos, sporto, tapybos, anglų, rusų kalbų užsiėmimus, kuriuos veda atvykstantys specialistai.

Vaiko raidos vertinimas

Kompetencijos įvertinimas grindžiamas ilgalaikiu vaiko stebėjimu ir informacijos iš įvairių šaltinių kaupimu. Vertinami konkretaus vaiko pasiekimai ir jo daroma pažanga.

Papildomas ugdymas darželyje
Papildomas ugdymas darželyje

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