If you wish to help us improve Karlson’s kindergarten, you can give us some support. It could be possible to do this in two ways:

1) You might appoint 2 % of the amount of your income tax to Karlson’s nursery – a kindergarten which founder and sponsor is a non-profit public institution “Vaikų ateitis”.

How can you dedicate 2 % of your income tax to us?

First: You can provide support by connecting to the VMI Elektroninio deklaravimo sistemos (EDS) through your e-bank. The data can be filled in and submitted directly to the EDS portal or downloaded to your computer, filled in and submitted to the FR0512 form (version 02).

Second: FR0512 form (version 02) can be filled in by hand (we have additional paper forms in the kindergarten). You can submit the completed form directly to the VMI information officer in no order, or put it in an envelope, seal it, sign it on the envelope with a sealed line in such a way that it is not possible to open the envelope without violating the integrity of the signature and send it to the county tax office of the place of residence (the address of the Vilnius County State Tax Inspectorate – Ulonų St. 2, LT-08245 Vilnius). This can be done personally by the resident only by 2017 May 1.

The data you need to coplete the application:

In the box FR0512 in Form E1, select Recipient Type – 2 – Beneficiary, make sure to check box 6S.

Enter company code – 124865437 in box E2 of form FR0512.



If you have any questions regarding the application, please call us at +370 674 84482 or write to We will be happy to help you!

2) By direct transfer to the bank account of  non-profit public institution “Vaikų ateitis”.

VŠĮ “Vaikų ateitis”
Adress: Purienų g. 8, Vilnius
Code: 124865437
Bank account: LT47 7044 0600 0136 4430 (SEB)

 Thank you for helping us grow!